Friday, July 15, 2005

Let Your will be done because thats all I want to do...

Get ready for some preemptive worrying... I've been told that December is far away but given the speed at which the last few months have passed I'm pretty sure its going to be here before I know it. So, here are my options (as I see them right now):

Safe/Smart Option: Get a job, save money, go to England and see Jess, go to SA and see Rach, go where
ever else my heart desires, go back to school
Exciting Option: Go to Jess's wedding, go to Tanzania and help Nadine with the resource center, go to
SA and help Rach with her orphanage, go to England and visit Jess, find a job because
I'm flat BROKE, travel travel travel, come back home and get a job/apply for school,
go to school

So, who knows, maybe I'll find an AMAZING job and would rather wait to travel anyways, maybe I'll have an exam that prevents me from going to Jess's wedding, maybe Nadine won't be ready for help... let's face it, both these options are dreams that need alot of things to work out to become reality. And, to be honest, I don't care what comes first as long as I'm inspired by what I'm doing... what I'm afraid of is not being inspired, not being happy. That's why its so important to me that whatever I'm doing is God's will for me, because he created me and made me for a purpose, and as long as what I'm doing is carrying out that purpose I know it will be an adventure...

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