Tuesday, November 15, 2005

21 days away from being a university graduate, how are you feeling? you might ask...
Well that depends on what second you ask me (yes second, it changes that fast).
The answer would be really happy, or really sad, or really stressed, or really hurt... or maybe some combination of the four.
I may be wearing a blank look on my face, this is because the choice between grinning and crying is too taxing considering everything else I have on my mind.
So here I am, existing, surviving.
I'm trying hard to treasure the people and moments that make me so deliriously happy, but choke back tears in anticipation of their loss. At the same time I'm counting down the days until I can get away from the things that are slowly chipping away at my spirit, hoping against hope that once I leave here that those wounds will mend so that I might feel whole again.
These days I live, breath and feel in paradox...

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