Wednesday, December 7, 2005

I'll spread my wings and I'll learn how to fly, but it's not easy to tell you goodbye...

I cannot believe my life right now! I'm usually the one to take the safe, responsible route, to not take risks, to do what is expected, but this time things are different. If you've been reading you know that I struggled over whether or not to go back to school this summer (and I chose to go even though it means a much larger OSAP loan) and that I told myself that I needed to have a job before I decided to go to South Africa (but decided to go even though I didn't have one)... so I took some leaps of faith and trusted that God would take care of me... and he has, more than I could have imagined!
There have definately been some rough and uncertain moments over the last few weeks, but looking back, the good much outways the bad and I've been blessed with abundance!
Over the last week, my landlords totally unexpectedly decided to let a guy sublet my room (after they had previously said no and I was panicking about finding another subletter super fast, my thesis advisor gave me until January to hand in my thesis and my Soc prof gave me an amazing mark on my term paper lessening the school stress considerably, a job fell in to my lap (thanks to my good friend lisa who is always looking out for me!), and then out of nowhere I got a lead on an apartment!
AND, to top it all off I'm leaving for South Africa in 5 HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SO basically, I'm beyond excited, my life is working out wonderfully, and God is amazing!
See you all when I get back from Africa and begin my new life as a non-student in Guelph!

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