Tuesday, March 27, 2007

You are going to die... But how, my dearest, are you going to live?

I went to the Epiphaneia conference on Restoring Justice that took place at The Meeting House in Oakville on Saturday.
It was an interesting experience for sure, most of what was said by the speakers was nothing I hadn't heard before, what I found more interesting were people's reactions to what was being said. I noticed a generation gap between people around my age and those who could be our parents. I wonder if the different attitude of our generation towards these issues will lead to different results than the legacy the past generation has left us. A mess of a world...

But then I wonder, is it just our attitude that is different or do we have actions to back it up? Its important for us to sit and listen to what people have to say on this topic and discuss these issues with each other... but is that all we do? Is that all I do?
How do I go forward with this knowledge?

Do I sell all I have and go join the Shane Claiborne types in voluntary poverty and radical community?
Do I find a high paying job and give as much as I can away to Opportunity International (www.opportunity.org)?
Do I start buying only products that I can guarantee are fair trade?
Do I give up the comfort I have here and go serve in Africa?

Am I willing to do any of these? And what does it mean if I'm not?

And if I am willing, are any of these actually going to make a change in the world?

"If you claim to have saving faith, but don't do the things the bible says people with saving faith do [feed the hungry, clothe the naked, etc]... you probably don't have saving faith"     -Ron Sider

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