Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sleep, don't weep, my sweet love...

We all have ways of self-soothing.
Babies can not self-sooth, they are developmentally incapable and rely on their parents to provide the soothing they need. As we grow up the goal is to find appropriate ways to calm ourselves when our emotions threaten to get out of control.
The youth I work with have unhealthy ways of self-soothing. They depend on drugs, alcohol, self harm, and promiscuity. One of the goals of counselling is to help them find healthier ways.
My methods of self-soothing are apparently healthier. My main tactic is watching TV or movies. This week, as I've attempted to give up TV during Lent, I've been forced to find other ways to self-sooth like eating, reading, journalling, or cooking.
But I started to wonder, are these methods really so much healthier than what my clients use when really I should be getting my comfort from God?

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  1. This is a great observation you have made Sara - and your question is important. I think that often times the healthier self-soothing methods can be harmful too. Although, journalling is probably better than doing drugs. :P I guess the question I have is, how do we or should we receive comfort from God? I'm thinking that maybe if we knew how that happens, we would be able to put ourselves in a place where that can happen. ???