Saturday, April 9, 2005

dazed and confused...

yup thats definately me right now, dazed and confused! Dazed because I've been studying for way to long and my brain isn't working quite right anymore... confused because I have no idea what I'm doing!!!
My dad called me today and told me that he thinks I could make alot of money this summer if I came home and worked in the film business for a few months. We tried this last year and it didn't really work out, I ended up scrambling around looking for a job and by the end of the summer was working two jobs to make up for it. But he's sure this time will be different. Now I dont know what to do, I would be giving up so much by going home, but I could potentially gain alot too.
If I leave I'm missing out on alot of fun with friends, I will have to give up at least one of my DE classes, and I will be absent for the formation of the new Embassy Leadership which I would really like to be apart of. I would gain alot more money, the ability to take whatever job I want for july and august to get experience and not worry about how much I'm making, and possibly not have to work next year, giving me more time to do the stuff at Embassy I want, volunteer for the crisis center, and work on my thesis.
What do I get if I stay here? Alot of fun with Cassie, Danie, Lisa, and whoever else is around, a few classes out of the way, being involved in the formation of the new Embassy leadership, free time, independence... but no job yet which means being strapped for cash, being broke at the end of the year when I want to travel, needing to work next year...

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