Thursday, April 7, 2005

Let Your will be done 'cause thats all I want to do...

When I was in grade 11 the leader of my care group invited some of her friends to come to our bible study, she called them 'Prayer Warriors'. At the end of the night they took some time to pray for us each individually. One of them, her name is Beth, after she prayed for me told me that she could feel that I was a rock, full of the holy spirit, a firm foundation while the people around me were on shakey ground. To be honest it really freaked me out, I had only been a Christian for a little over a year so I kind of put the whole thing in the back of my mind and didn't think about it much.
Three years later, just after first year of university, my old care group got together for an evening just to catch up and pray together, Beth came. At the end of the night she took me aside again and said almost the same thing... You are a rock, your prayers are powerful... THREE YEARS LATER she says the same thing to me. Obviously this is something that God was speaking into my life, it comes to my mind everyonce in a while, but mostly it confuses me... what does it mean??
Jesus called the apostle Peter 'the Rock'... after the Embassy retreat I started to read through the gospels where they talked about Peter and read the letters he wrote... trying to look for some clue as to what my purpose is... I got sidetracked by end of term chaos... I'll have to get back to that when I'm done...
Why am I thinking about this now? I'm not really sure... maybe because I didn't get that job that I wanted so badly... I've had the worst luck with jobs and I'm just wondering what God wants from me, where he wants me to be... and that anxiety about the summer turns into anxiety about my life... which brings me back to the question WHO AM I? WHAT IS MY PURPOSE?... which brings me back to that time when Beth told me 'you are a rock'...

Some food for thought:
(If anyone is reading who is interested let me know your thoughts on this!)

"When the church began to doubt its own integrity after the Darwinian attack on Genesis 1 and 2, we began to answer science, not by appealing to something greater, the relmof beauty and art and spirituality, but by attempting to translate spirituatl realities through scientific equations, thus justifying ourselves to culture, as if culture had some kind of authority to redeem us in the first place. Terms such as 'absolute truth' and 'inherency' (a term used only to describe scripture in the last one hundred years or so) became a battle cry, even theough the laws of absolute truth must, byt their nature, exclude ideas such as Jesus is the Word, He is both God and Man, the Trinity is both three and One, we are united with Him in His death, because these are mysterious ideas, not scientific ideas. In fact, much of biblical truth must go out the window when you approach it through the scientific method." -Donald Miller

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