Saturday, August 20, 2011

Rules for Life

One day last week at work we encouraged the youth to think about their rules for life and how they effect the way they live. Having rules to live by guide the choices we make, effect our self-talk, and influence the way we feel and experience life. They are also helpful tools when it comes to decision making. Whatever challenge you are faced with, you can measure it against your rules to see if it will help or hinder your ability to achieve these things and choose the option that will be most helpful on your path. 

Since I am someone who struggles with decision making, and believe that I should practice what I preach, I challenged myself to examine my own rules for life. And here is what I came up with so far...

Rules for Life

1. Every human life is created and cherished by God, treat them that way 
          This means we are all equal and all deserving of love and respect, regardless of life
          choices or circumstances. 

2. Trust that God is present and aware
          I carry with me many questions about why God does or does not intervene in
          situations. Despite this, I trust that God sees everything that happens to His children
          and is present with them in the circumstances.

3. Always act with integrity 
          I was thinking about a lot of different concepts that I try to live by - honesty,
          trustworthiness, loyalty - but I think the idea of integrity embodies all of these. The
          word integrity is derived from the Latin word integritatem, which means wholeness.
          Living with integrity creates an inner wholeness that comes from being congruent in
          thought, word, feeling, and action.

4. Trust your intuition
          This may seem like a hokey concept to some but I've been learning more and more to
          trust the things my spirit knows. John 14:16-17 says, "He will give you another
          Counsellor to be with you forever - the Spirit of truth... you know Him, for He lives
          with you and will be in you". My spirit and the Holy Spirit reside together and bring
          wisdom that should be trusted.

5. We are created for relationships, so invest in them
          Born out of the love of the community of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, we are
          created to be in community. This means that our actions affect the whole of the
          human community as we are all connected and that it is of great importance that we
          foster and nurture strong relationships.

I'm curious... what are your Rules for Life?


  1. 1. Never Value the opinions of people you don't respect
    2. Don't take things personally, sensitivity gives you wrinkles
    3. Always Love
    4. If you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all
    5. Learn from your mistakes
    6. Treat people the way you want to be treated
    7. Try to find beauty and joy in what can become the monotony of daily life in order to view it as extraordinary
    8. Don't be common
    9. Don't get married at once, get married at last
    10. Bad table manners have ruined more marriages than infidelity
    11. Don't settle for anything less than what you deserve (and you deserve everything your HEART longs for *not your brain*)
    12. Have dignity, discipline and grace

    Too Honest??

  2. Secret Friend? No fair!
    I like your rules, there is no such thing as too honest if the truth is spoken in love. I'd love to hear more about what you mean by "don't be common"?

  3. Great post Sara - a very interesting way of formulating your values.