Sunday, August 21, 2011

Safe Space

Recently, I've been having trouble shutting off my mind at night. I worry about friends and the young people I work with. Swirling concern about their safety are loud in my head along with questions as to how I can be a support. One night at yoga, as a lay crying in shavasana, a visualization came to me.

An orchard of trees, bathed in golden light, tended to by a loving God. Beside one of the trees is a locked chest which holds securely all of my worried and racing thoughts. From the strong tree branches hang cocoons in which precious souls are sleeping. They are bundled up among blankets and pillows in an egg shaped structure, bound in soft cotton. A warm light comes from inside the cocoon as their glowing hearts rest. They sleep surrounded in safety, comfort, and unfailing love.

I'm certainly no artist, but this is the best rendering I could create:

If you are one I worry about, you too may find yourself resting here.

1 comment:

  1. A beautiful vision, Sara. Even if I wasn't one you were worrying about, I can imagine myself hanging from one of those strong tree branches tonight. Thanks for sharing. :)