Thursday, June 30, 2005

Age is a state of mind...

The other day I was thinking back to grade six when I was in the V.I.P. program, that stands for Values Influences, and Peers, the Catholic school board's attempt on keeping us away from drugs and alcohol (I don't think it worked very well, a couple girls in my class were kicked out of the program for bringing mushrooms to school... we were 12!) and I remembered that the police officer who was running it had us promise that we would never try smoking until we were 21, because apparently if you don't smoke before you are 21 you are unlikely to ever start. So basically, I can start smoking now and not have broken my promise... haha. But I can remember how old 21 seemed way back then, I don't know what I pictured it to be like, but I don't think this is it! Don't misinterpret, I have been extatically happy with who I am and what my life is like lately, but I always thought 21 would be older... and I'm soooo glad that its not, I'm definately not in a rush to "grow up", I fully intend on flitting around, wandering the world, and not settling down into a job and a grown up life for a loooong time. When I was in Jarvis this weekend we were hanging out with Ash's friend John and his housemates and I found out later that one of the girls was 29!!! I never would have guessed... it turns out that 30 is alot younger than you might have thought... getting older is weird!

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