Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Angels, demons, and ghosts...

I'm a very skittish person. If I watch a scary movie it can take weeks, months, until I stop being afraid. Slasher movies are ok, like Scream or I Know What You Did Last Summer, the killer is always one of their friends, and I'm pretty confident that my friends aren't that insane (I mean, they can be pretty crazy but they are harmless ;) haha. Its the one's that deal with the supernatural that really get to me. After I saw The Sixth Sense I would come close to having anxiety attacks in broad day light because I would think of something from the movie and freak out... I'm weird like that.
When I lived at home I would freak out on a regular basis, I always felt like there was something in my room, but since I moved to Waterloo I've been pretty calm and put together, even when I've been living on my own... until Monday night. I got into a really long conversation with some people about things like speaking in tongues and manifestations of the holy spirit and other crazy Pentacostel stuff that I have little to no experience with. It was all good and fine until they started talking about being able to see angels and demons... I don't know what I believe about all that, I believe they experienced something, I know they aren't lying to me, but I have no experience to base any decision on in that department... but that's kind of beside the point.
The point is... it freaked the crap out of me! When I was trying to go to sleep that night I would freak out every five or ten minutes and have to turn the light on... its not good to be living along while you are scared to death... I've got to learn to keep my fears under control. If anyone wants to sleep over and protect me let me know! haha

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