Friday, September 16, 2005

but I never thought that I'd see you again...

So I've been analyzing the events of last night, how could I possibly get from a place where I had said goodbye all the way back to the beginning in a matter of hours... it was as though he'd never hurt me and all those days and months hadn't passed by... it all unraveled before my eyes... its the eyes that did it.
I saw him across the bar, it was unexpected and left me in shock. I stayed away, stood just outside of the circle, talked to other people, avoided catching his eye. Lisa and I went to the bar... "why is he here... what do I do... i can't talk to him"... by the time I got back he was gone, crisis averted, or so I thought.
We move out to the far patio, another friend walks by and I step off to the side to chat, when I turn back he stands before me once again. Caught by surprise and no where to escape I get drawn into the group conversation, my guard is dropped and suddenly we our eyes meet, I smile, he smiles, I know all is lost. Its that look, I love the way he looks at me, its dangerous because it makes me forget.
Another friend, a chance to escape, I leave and when I come back he's gone. Maybe I won't have to see him again, but this time the thought makes me a little sad.
Fast forward about an hour, we are talking again, just the two of us, my hand on his arm, my fingers run through his hair... how did I get here?
And now he is gone again and I am left wondering why my heart is drawn to him who cannot make up his mind. My friends tell me I deserve more.. and i know this... but deep inside I know that if I stand before him and our eyes meet all will be forgotten once again...

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