Thursday, September 15, 2005

Just when I thought I'd let you go I see you again...

I deleted you from my MSN list yesterday, I decided that it was time that I no longer have to feel my heart skip a beat when I see you come online, you don't deserve to occupy that space in my mind, or in my heart. So I deleted you, hopefully from my life.
Suddenly you are standing in front of me, in the flesh. You are different, your hair has grown out, but your eyes still see through me and make me forget that you made me sad. One look deep into your eyes and all the days and moments before now dissappear and all is forgiven.
As I walk away my head reminds me that you are not what I want, but I know I will only believe that when you are out of sight...
what will it take in order for me to let you go?

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