Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Our lives are made in these small hours...

There are five days left in the month of May and yet all the things that happened seem to be a moment ago. A million moments happened, but were they lived? Time seems to keep speeding up, passing by faster and faster… am I experiencing my life to the fullest or is it just passing me by?
Let me tell you a story about May…
I moved… yet again…
The month started by me packing up all my belongings and trekking them across town… for those of you keeping track, yes, I lived in four different houses in nine months. And what did I learn this time around? All this moving is destroying my soul. As I was leaving Avondale I found boxes that I hadn’t even unpacked in the eight months that I lived there. My dad says that means I own too much stuff, but as I looked around my room and saw my nearly bare walls I knew that I had just never allowed myself to really settle in with the move-out date looming over my head. And so, after thinking seriously about not unpacking and living out of boxes for the next four months… I decided that wherever I move in September will be a place I can settle, at least for a little while. I have made a life here home and there is nothing that I can foresee on the horizon that will necessitate my leaving. Its kind of weird…deciding to put down roots… I’m kind of worried that as soon as I do something will come up in my life to call me away from here… but I know that I can’t keep going from house to house and never actually having a home… so adult life here I come ;)
A real full time job…
Anyone who has been around the Embassy for any length of time knows that change is the name of the game. I think if I had to describe the atmosphere of the Embassy in one word, change would be it. The latest big change is the cut back of one job, our office manager, which meant saying goodbye to Cynthia and hello to more work. I do appreciate the extra money and the chance to grow and learn new things… but the 10 extra hours and the million little jobs that I don’t quite know how to do have definitely added some chaos to my life!
South Africa returns…
On our drive to the Hamilton airport Laura and I were discussing how it had been one and half (me) to two (Laura) years since we had seen Jess and Tom… you can imagine how hyper with anticipation we were! Of course, as soon as we were together again it was as if we had never left. Jess mentioned at one point during the week that she felt the most herself when she was with us, that she could show any aspect of her personality and that we would accept and understand it… I feel the same way. As I stood in a dark parking lot crying as she drove away a few nights later I mentioned to Silas how odd it is that she was only here for six months, almost four years ago, and it changed the course of all of our lives and left us living with a piece of our hearts on the other side of the ocean. I miss my South African… good thing she will be back at the end of June!
Innis and Curtis got married!
It has been so amazing to be able to witness two friends that I met separately in first year meet, become friends, fall in love, and now get married. The wedding was absolutely beautiful, the weather, the people, everything. I’m so excited for them as they start this new part of their life together!
So that is May in a nutshell… I’m not sure if I’m hoping for a calmer June or if I’ll miss the chaos if its gone!
“Our lives are made in these small hours
these little wonders these twists and turns of fate.
Time falls away but these small hours
These small hours still remain.”
                                       -Rob Thomas