Sunday, May 25, 2008

Is this what an existential crisis feels like?

who am I? what am I doing? is this my life? am i happy? what is missing? what are my dreams? how do i achieve them? am i a good person? do people like me? am i kind? do i show love? am i important to anyone? what does 'sweet' mean? why doesn't overanalyzing help? how do i break my bad habits? am i wasting my time? do i understand anything? am i good enough? will i make a difference? is is worth it? do i make good decisions? will i be alone forever? am i stuck? am i living up to my potential? what is my potential? how can i help others reach their potential? what are my boundaries? how do i protect my heart? do you think of me? do you miss me? am i good at what i do? can i achieve excellence? do i know God? am i in love with Him? do i live with passion? what is enough? can i be content? who am i?