Thursday, February 4, 2010


"I hear everyone telling me that they are there for me,
but I can't make myself trust them"
says the seventeen year old sitting in my office

How do you teach someone to trust again?

I pondered this all the way home
My car holds all the secrets and unanswered questions I carry

What I came to realize is that TRUST
[defined as the firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability,
or strength of someone or something]
is really just a leap of faith

You will never be able to know without a doubt
That your loved ones will live up to their words
That they will never betray you
That they will protect you and always be there for you

If you believe them and trust their words
You are doing so by faith
You are choosing to believe
Deciding the risk that they might not follow through
Is worth it

So how do you learn to trust again?
Look back at the broken promises
Take lessons from your mistakes
Find the one worth the risk
Close your eyes
Be brave