Saturday, May 13, 2006

Did I grow up according to your plan?

I've been thinking more about my last post, about being a product of what we were taught when we were young, this time in regards to the situation with my parents and their dissapproval of my interning at The Embassy next year.

My whole life, from when I was born until I was old enough to drive myself, I went to church with my family every Sunday. When I got into high school I told my parents that I didn't want to go any more, but that wasn't an option. For some reason, instead of sulking about it, I decided to make the most of the situation and I joined the churches youth group. Eventually I switched to the youth group at Forest Brook because thats where my friends went, and I began exploring the faith, and came to actually believe in what I was being taught and invested my heart in the church. By making me go to church every week my parents instilled in me that church is something of value, and it became something of value to me.

While my brothers and I were growing up my mom didn't work. Other than being busy taking care of us she volunteered at our school, she was probably there three or four days a week, working in each of our classrooms, running bookfairs, organizing lunch days, etc. Instead of taking a part time job while we were at school and adding to the family income she spent her time volunteering, because volunteering a valuable way to spend your time, and it taught me that volunteering is a valuable way to spend my time.

However, when I combined these values together and decided to spend next year volunteering at The Embassy, my parents were somehow surprised and dissappointed by my decision. But given the way I was raised, what exactly did they think was going to happen???

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