Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Could there be someone searching for someone searching...

I was watching Stranger Than Fiction last night and in the movie there is a discussion between Dustin Hoffman and Will Farrel about Will Farrel's impending death. He is wondering what to do with the time he has left in his life and Dustin Hoffman tells him that this is his chance to have the life he always wanted. What has he always wanted in his life? Will Farrel says that he always wished his life were more musical, that he could play guitar. So,  he goes out, buys a guitar, and learns to play.
When I saw Will Farrel learning to play guitar I thought, 'Hey, maybe I should learn guitar!'
I have thoughts like this fairly often, maybe I should learn guitar, maybe I should start scrap booking, maybe I should sew, maybe I should take up photography... etc etc. I'm obviously looking for something to fill up the extra time in my life.
There are a lot of things I could do... but I don't want to do something to just fill time. I want to figure out the thing that would make my life the life I've always wanted. The thing that will make me feel more myself. The thing that if I were to die soon I would regret not doing.
But how do I find this thing?

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